So what is the sport of FPV racing drone?

FPV means “First Person View” much like a video game. It’s like the StarWars ride at Disney only it’s real. For many, it’s like an “out-of-body experience. Imaging you are 1-inch tall and sitting in the nose of a flying machine the size of your sneaker. Flying fast over and under circle of small hurdles on a field. The one who make the most laps in 2 minutes wins the race. Or freestyling acrobatically over and under trees and abandon building. Rolling, flipping, and ripping about. Mount a GoPro camera and capture the experience in HD too. It’s also a social lifestyle for some. There are FPV drone clubs and meetups most everywhere.

Why do it? It’s the next step up from flying video drones like the DJI Phantom. These GPS drones practically fly themselves so they're not much of a challenge. When I saw a group of FVP flyers for the first time I was hooked. This is way too cool and sexy. The geek in me had to do it!

If you’re a geek, the drone technology is evolving incredibly fast. There is always something new to learn and try. There is not a moment of flying that doesn’t improve my skills. And it’s still an awesome, cool, sexy, fun, and sport.

I hope you'll join me.

Joel LikeCatcher :)