So why build your own drone when I could buy a built ready-to-fly model?

Truth is, you will probably crash on your first few flights. Things will break. Its hard to fix what you don't understand.

Why learn from me?

I have written tons of technical documentation for hardware and software for non-technical fokes, magazine and blog articles. I still remember what it is like to be a beginner, and I've kept that in mind while creating this entire course. I walk you through every process step-by-step to make sure you understand things clearly. And if there is ever anything that is confusing, just let me know and I'll create more lessons that explain or walk you through myself.

My beginners problem was that I thought watching lots of YouTube videos would teach me how to build my first FPV racing drone. Big mistake! I often did what they said, but not what they meant. My first drone cost me about an additional $200 for ruined parts and labor, not to mention the lost time ordering parts and trip back to the hobby shop! I even paid my hobby shop $90 for 3-hours of dedicated building help after I fried my first 2 flight controllers at $39 each. Wish I had a real mentor to guide my hand when I needed help. I had a few great pilots in my RC club helping me on and off.

My school-of-hard-knocks went like this…

  • 1st drone looked like a train wreck. Destroyed it in 3-flights!
  • 2nd drone looked like a lot of patched errors.
    Better built. Smashed it into a gate pole at 40 MPH after a month.
  • 3rd drone looked kind of nice.
    She's still flying great. Love it!
  • 4th-6 drone's looked like clean pro builds.
  • 5th was a work of art.
  • 6th was like breathing.

    Your last build is always your favorite drone!

There’s a smarter way to build your first FPV racing drone.

I can help you fast-track your FPV drone building with a positive experience that will save you money. Avoid beginner mistakes. Would you like to jump ahead to 3rd drone quality? Sign-up and let’s get started.

Custom components chosen for just for you; No guesswork!

You should have the best parts available today, specifically selected for the easiest learning experience.
Because this can be difficult to source all your parts, I've done that for you too. I've also made arrangements for your direct purchase of everything you need directly from a single store, or you can source them yourself if you like from the list.

You can become a drone engineer!

You will be transformed from a newbie to an experienced drone builder,
ready to build your 2nd drone all by yourself!

I can't wait to help you build your own first FPV drone!
I hope you'll join me.

Joel LikeCatcher :)